Status Of Fisheries In Nigeria

Industrial fisheries - 600,000MT/year
Artisanal fisheries - 19,000MT/year
Aquaculture -78,0000MT/year
The figures above is the present status of fisheries in Nigeria. Appraising the industrial subsector of the fisheries industry, the onset of the economic recession reduced buying power from 800,000MT (2015) to 600,000MT.

The artisanal subsector was also affected by closure of major fisheries like Maiduguri - lake Chad axes due to boko-haram insurgency and further pollution of the Niger Delta area fisheries. It reduced from 35,000MT to 19,000MT.

Aquaculture was affected by same foreign exchange issue where feed prices reached a high of hundred percent increase. This means a farmer raising 1MT of fish will reduce to 0.5MT. The figure have fallen from 120,000MT in 2015 to 78,000MT in 2018. This means the total production access subsectors remain at 797,000MT/year and demand stands at 1.9Million MT/year. The deficit is massive but considering the poverty line alongside many other social economic cue's, The deficit may be 20℅ less.

We need more investments in these sector. How can we break into the 600,000MT of the industrial sector. How can we make catfish price affordable at not more than 600/kg so that an average family buying Titus and others can consider it on there menu daily. This will pro.ote our sales and give a boost to value of aquaculture in Nigeria. When we look around, you Will find out many hatchers are sprining up while grow out farms are reducing. This is a bad sign. Thanks in anticipation of contributions

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 Industrial sector - questionnaire survey
Artisanal - questionnaire survey and conversation.
Aquaculture - Total tonnage of feeds sold per annum in all the companies and unconventional feed stuffs too. Calculated with an FCR of 1.2 on the average. Presently the country sells about 4.5million bags of feed away from 6.8 millions bags as at February 2015. Questionnaire survey was also done including oral conversation.


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