Photo: Huge Cafits - larger than any before - pulled from Susquehanna River

A fishery survey crew from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources on August 30 pulled a 56.5-pound, 44-inch flathead catfish from a hoop net in the Susquehanna River less than a mile downriver of the Pennsylvania-Maryland state line, according to Brett Coakley, fisheries biologist with the department.

That's more than 8 pounds heavier than the largest flathead catfish recorded by an angler in Pennsylvania.

How much feed should I give my Catfish

The question “Simply how much feed should I give my fish?” can be an all important question that directly affects profits for some farmers. If Catfish are underfed, growth rate is slowed up, and if overfed, it reduces profits since feed is the best operating expense in virtually any farming business.

Water Management in Fish Farming

Experience indicates that the grade of water in fish farming isn't just in its cleanness and clearness. Other properties of water has through the years been revealed to be of special benefit for the appropriate digestion and absorption of feed by the fish which can be of the same level worth addressing as the grade of the feed itself. Listed here are the major properties of water good for the fish farmer:

Floating fish feed Vs Sinking fish feed.

There has been hot debates amongst farmers as to which of these two gives the optimal growth yet economical. A lot of independent researchers who are not affiliated with either floating feed or sinking feed producers have come up with overwhelming results(field findings) of their findings.

Findings show that there is no significant difference in growth performance of clarias gariepinus fed with either sinking pellet or floating feed. (Google is our friend)

Water Culture Lecture – Fish Farming

Top 5 important water quality parameters we should all watch out for. 
1. Dissolved Oxygen issues and how its affect respiration in fish and digestion of feed ingested
2. pH level of water and how high and low pH retard fish growth and affect other water parameters.
3. Ammonia build up in water and how its irritate fish and encourage the growth of diseases causing organisms.

Top 13 Factors to consider before embarking on Catfish farming business

1. Access to good quality and enough quantity of water supply.
2. Access to good quality brood stock for breeding and stocking or quality fish seed for stocking.
3. Type of pond, sizes of pond and management structures.
4. Level of feed input
5. Specie of fish and market value

Things you'll need to know about Catfish farming in Nigeria: Fingerlings, Juvenile, Fries and Table size

The business of catfish farming in Nigeria is not difficult to engage yourself in if you have the resources to do so. Catfish farming involves growing catfish to table-size, marketing them and selling them at a good price. It is a viable business that many people have gone in and out of for various reasons. Some have succeeded at it and made handsome profit while others have failed and abandoned it altogether.