CatFish Hatching: Personal practical experience of over 20 years

 My name still remains Dr Fish working now for AfriSmat Farms, Lagos.  I term broodstock fish as fish having unique qualities that are desirable for mating. Care and management of broodstock starts before use in breeding.

First broodstock must be feed with good quality feed (32 percent for males n 38/40percent for females )

 They should be feed daily and vitamins  C, folic acid should be introduced into there water after each water change.
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 -The water level must be high
-Before use of broodstock it should be conditioned and disinfected.
-Prior to inducement they should be acclimated in a flow through system.
-After few hours as both high dissolved oxygen and noise of water dripping relaxes them and improves wellness

- There must now be separation of both sexes. Usually many separate from ponds thereby having female broodstock tank and male broodstock tank. This helps female eggs not to be damaged due to consistent disturbing behavior from males
- Broodstock MUST show signs of aggression to qualify to be used and this reflect its ability to withstand STRESS
-In females the eggs must  separate easily during testing to check sizes, quality of eggs
- The genital should not be bloody
- During striping cover head with a wet cloth and gently strip
- Don't strip if eggs have not started to ooz out. This will avoid undue stress. Oozing of eggs differs in different females based on individuality,weather conditions etc

- Keep a white spoon as you strip to scoop eggs and use to check when blood Starts to come out
- Blood coming out with eggs shows injury and further striping  affects eggs, female life
- Bear in mind that broodstock are very expensive and so year long usage of fish is very important to save cost and maximize seed quality
- If any injuries then antibiotic should be put into water
- After striping let the female alone in an empty tank with water mixed with stressgo to restore its energy ,salt for disinfection and helping borehole water to trapore oxygen.
- No feeding for two days at most n after introduce vitamin c and folic acid with quality feed
- Regular change of water tru flow tru helps a lot
- After a week they are returned back  to spent females broodstock tanks and not gravid broodstock tank
- Handling affects Survival
- Timing of striping affects fish. Beta early in morning or night time. The cooler d weather d beta
- Handle broodstock with care n never allow them hit the floor or else injury will occur
-Thank u. Can take questions NOW

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